Helpful advice on buying your kit home

Buy the land

You are better off not trying to search for the block of land that will suit the house design that you have in mind, this may certainly remain a consideration when making your final decision on your most suitable building site - though it should not be the most important factor. It is much easier to design the house to suit your block rather than trying to find a block that will suit your desired home.
REMEMBER: Your future capital gains are created from location and aspect of your land.

Employing the right professionals

First of all before you even start to design your new home, it is recommended that you purchase a 'contour survey' from a surveyor. Contour surveys provide you and the house designer with relevant information pertaining to your block. necessary details such as the shape, frontage and depth of your block, as well as easement, existing dwellings, trees, the slope or fall of the block all which are contained on the contour survey.

Concept drawings

In many cases standard designs can be changed to suit your specific requirements and your block of land. When you are choosing an appropriate design the key factors you should consider are:

  • Budget
  • Aspect and view
  • Restrictive developement convenants
  • Council set backs
  • Excavation and tree removal required
  • potential drainage problems
  • personal requirements
  • Style

Complete working drawings

After deciding on the most suitable design for your block of land then the plans, setbacks and elevations are drawn to conside with your particular block.

Engineers report and Soil test

When determining the suitable footing design and floor sub structure system the first stage is to supply an engineer with the complete working drawings. With the soil samples taken from your building block, the soil engineer will determine the soil classification and outlines the bracing and footing design that will be required.


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