Granny Flat Solutions

Granny flat solutions

Australians are becoming more and more aware of the lucrative investment opportunities presented by adding a granny flat to one or more of their properties. When it comes to granny flats to build, being able to develop two properties on one lot is a fantastic method to increase property value, whether you hold or flip.

Yes, you can receive two rental payments from the same block and potentially benefit from several other arrangements to help free up your finances. If generating long-term passive income is your goal (and let’s face it, the strategy is pretty much essential in today’s day and age), then granny flats can be a great way to help you realise a dream lifestyle, a solid nest-egg and the legacy of generational wealth.

This article will examine the granny flat solutions; we'll touch on granny flat kits (specifically steel framed granny flat kits) that can best position you to support you in reaching you and your family’s long-term financial and other goals.

Granny flat floor plans

Before we get started, let’s clarify one matter. That is, all granny flats are not the same. Yes, at least initially, attempting to distinguish between what defines a granny flat—also known as an alternate dwelling, accessory dwelling unit, tiny home, etc.—can be quite the conundrum!

Granny flat floor plans enter the picture at this point. Naturally, you are free to design your granny flat in any way you like as long as there is enough room, there is good functionality and you comply with regulations in the area in which you live. Nevertheless, for a variety of reasons and in various combinations—particularly when it comes to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms—there are some floor plans that are most typical.

Let’s look at the types of granny flats to build, as follows.

1. bedroom granny flat designs

As you would expect, one bedroom granny flats typically come with one dedicated and enclosed bedroom (as differentiated from a studio granny flat). They typically also contain a kitchen and a living room. However, you don’t have to be limited to that. It is important to look for a supplier that can customise the build to your needs. This is so that you have the space to allow for comfort and for future-proofing.

One bedroom granny flats are best suited as accommodation for an individual or a couple (it can be difficult to squeeze a family into what is effectively a one bedroom tiny home). They also function well as a private retreat, a guest house, or a studio (any kind of work from home/activity space).

For example, to make the most of the great Aussie climate, you might like to add a verandah with a sliding door that leads to an open plan kitchen. Clever design is integral here, making the best use of natural light and the surrounding environment, as well as creating multi-purpose spaces with sustainability in mind.

Another consideration is an aging family. Think ahead by including such elements as wider doors to accommodate wheelchair access. Allow for enough external space for elements such as a mobility ramp (that may come in very handy in years to come). In this way, you can potentially save thousands of dollars due to a bit of smart future planning.

When achieving a little extra space is your primary motivator, you should think about adding a one-bedroom granny flat. They are a solid asset and function as an effective lease-out opportunity. However, you may want to consider a two bedroom design if you have more targeted investment goals. This is because two bedroom granny flats are known to increase property value by a substantial and quantifiable amount, as official studies from Corelogic show.

Let’s take a look at that aspect and what else they offer below.👇

2. bedroom granny flat designs

The aforementioned industry reports define a standard granny flat as an additional two bedrooms and an additional bathroom added to a property. This particular kind of structure is predicted to increase an existing home's value by an estimated 32%.

Building a two bedroom granny flat can add value to your property and increase its market appeal if you decide to sell it in the future. Naturally, what will yield the highest returns on investment is one of the primary factors you should be aware of, and this type of design fulfills that primary objective.

Despite the fact that both one-bedroom and two-bedroom granny flat designs have their place and purpose, the above information can be helpful to keep in mind. It follows that if you want to maximise your return on investment (ROI), adding a two-bedroom, one-bathroom granny flat to your property is typically your best option.

2 bedroom granny flats have numerous advantages for both present and future use:

  • Enhanced market appeal and property value;
  • Room for multiple generations while still maintaining the independence of separate living spaces;
  • A potentially lucrative source of rental revenue;
  • An affordable substitute to conventional house modifications and extensions;
  • A quicker solution as compared with traditional housing options during construction;
  • Adaptability to serve as a studio, home office, extra storage space, etc.

Why the build matters

This next section is aimed at answering that essential question we recognise many of you would have, i.e., is it profitable to build a granny flat? It does depend not only on the size of the build (as we’ve looked at in the section above) but also on the quality of the build, including the specific design elements and types of materials used.

You should be discerning and conduct thorough research before building a granny flat. In addition to providing you with a plethora of design options, a reputable granny flat supplier ought to advise you on the best and most appropriate building materials. This is to give you peace of mind that your granny flat will stand for generations to come. 

For example, the choice to build a steel-framed granny flat is a decision many people are making. Not only does the kit format bring flexibility and allow for easy and relatively quick construction, but the steel framing provides incredible strength to withstand just about anything weather conditions might throw at it.

This is across all of Australia’s very diverse and sometimes quite weather adverse areas. It cannot be said enough – investing in suitable and high-quality building materials, long-lasting fixtures and well designed finishing touches is critical if you want to maximise the capital appreciation of your property.

Although a granny flat will appeal to both owner-occupiers and investors seeking an extra source of income, keep in mind that a structure that is out of character with the existing property (or that overly encroaches on the garden) may actually devalue the property.

Building with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind is also crucial (you may have heard about eco tiny homes). This is for the longevity of your structure and its contents as well as for the good of the environment.

Building with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind is also crucial (you may have heard about eco tiny homes). This is for the longevity of your structure and its contents as well as for the good of the environment.

In addition, building codes may make environmentally friendly construction necessary rather than merely a considerate act. Find out from your granny flat provider if they can comply with strict energy-saving regulations. You’ll be glad you were proactive! 

It’s empowering to know that there are alternative structures like granny flats that can free you up to realise your property dreams in a flexible and fuss-free fashion. We can assist you in locating the best granny flat package and other customisable options, whether you’re searching for granny flats Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or any other part of Australia.