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steel kit home QLD to WA
A steel kit home looks like any normal house
The main difference being that all parts are packaged together in correct quantities, so when they arrive on site, the building process is made as quick, simple and affordable as possible. Kit style houses, also called kit homes or kitset homes, are light to handle and constructed with ease and can easily transported to all locations such as remote WA to the west, QLD and NSW.
steel kit home QLD to WA
Full build & lock-up options

We have a team of recommended builders available to complete your onsite construction to lock up stage, including the complete erection of the frames and roof trusses, installation of the sheet roofing including insulation...

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What are steel kit homes
Kit Homes differ from modular, prefabricated and transportable homes in the fact they are not fully bult in a factory and transported to the location in one piece. Infact kit homes, as the name suggests come in kit form by container and are fully built on site by the owner builder or licensed builder.
Cheapest Way To Build
Cheaper way to build
Building a kit home is one of the cheapest ways to build your dream home. Whether you choose to build your own home completely yourself or just manage the project, you will find that this is one of the most affordable options in getting into your home sooner. Click here for kit home prices and designs.
Termite Resistant
Delivery Areas
Your new home can be delivered australia-wide in kit from. Delivery options include container by rail or road freight. Destinations include but not limited to Brisbane - Queensland QLD | New South Wales NSW | Sydney | Western Australia WA - Perth | Tasmania - Hobart | Victoria - Melbourne | Gold Coast | Sunshine Coast | Ballina Northern Rivers | New Zealand NZ | New Caledonia


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Granny Flat

Granny Flats

With cost of housing going up, granny flats are becoming ever popular.

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Owner Building

Owner Build?

Save thousands by choosing to build your own home as an owner builder.
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